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Name:  Asher

Birth Date:  8/27/2007

Parents:  Liam and Allison

Siblings:  Elijah 5/20/06 and sadly passed away on 2/27/08

Other affected family members:  Elijah

Reside:  Belmont, NSW, Australia

Diagnosed:  June 2008


Sat independently, November 2008

Crawled at the end of February 2009

May 2009 - Is currently pulling himself up on everything to a tall knell and his family is working with him on the transition to standing

June 2008- Said first words, "Mama, Buba and Da"


Is prone to infections but he now has a great immunologist on board

Experiences constipation but doesn't have to be on mediciation for it at this stage.

Asher is progressing really well with physiotherapy ever 2-4 weeks and his phsio is astounded at how quickly he is developing!

Asher has some arm and leg flapping, which he does when he is excited and happy. Also taps his legs for clapping.

He has quite severe eczema but it is now managed with a plan of DermaVeen and steroid creams

He also has a few allergies which he is growing out of except for egg, which he has an epipen for.

He is a very happy little boy who LOVES his food (he did have some feeding difficulty early on due to a tented upper lip and regressed chin, which has since move forward) and is now thriving and quite chubby!

He loves books, the swing, baths and music.


Asher is very verbal and makes a lot of noises! He watches your mouth intently when speaking and will sometimes attempt to repeat words or syllables. He can say mum, dad, bub and nan.

Asher will shake his head and push away soemthing he doesn't want and says mmmmmmmmm when he is waiting in his high chair for food.

Asher attends a weekly early intervention play group at Newcastle Uni which he is settling into well.

He likes to scratch and feel different textures likes the walls, leather lounge, cane chair, etc. and also likes to mouth and chew.

Asher loves music and bounces and flaps his arms to dance when he hears it!

He was on oxygen at night but has since grown out of needing to use it anymore as his oxygen levels are no longer dropping to dangerous levels.

Asher doesn't like loud noises or speed bumps, they make him upset. He also hates the feel of playdough and netting.

Name:  Cameron

Birth Date: 12/05/2007

Parents:  Scott and Desiree

Siblings:  Younger sibling due 3rd April 09

Other affected family members: n one, blood tests have confirmed mother is not a carrier, and the Duplications have occurred randomly.

Reside:  Queensland, Australia

Diagnosed:  Originally diagnosed with possibility of the male version of RETTS shortly after birth(from basic blood test).

25/02/2009 Further blood test results confirmed Duplication of MeCP2 and surrounding genes on Xq26-29 Which have attached themselves to Chromosome 3. 


Currently working on core strength for sitting, will sit when placed unaided for half a minute before losing balance.

Started commando crawling at around 18 months

Babbles 'dadadadad' and 'ummmmm' sounds regularly, however does not understand what these mean or have any words.

Has just started moving hand towards PECS "eat" and "drink" cards to choose at meal times.

Starting to feed self small pieces of food eg; cut up banana and soft biscuits. Cannot use a fork or spoon.

Since being put on oxygen four months ago he has shown more determination and interest in the world around him.


Initial poor feeding after birth, nasogastric fed for two weeks

Low tone

Moderate to severe global developmental delay

Reflux - has reduced in severity in last six months

Chronic Constipation - takes Movicol Daily

Feeds with hands in mouth, no chew response; can only handle mashed food or food that dissolves easily but LOVES food.

Small mouth and high palate

Loves bath time, lights and books

Sensitive to loud or sudden noises.

Constantly sounds congested, Tonsils and adenoids removed Oct 2008, night time oxygen required.

High pain threshold

No protective reflexes

Teeth grinding

Has not had any chest infections or seizures.

Other symptoms which likely relate to the duplication of the other surrounding genes;

Weak, non-typical cry (more like a whine than a cry)

Does not cry with tears

Rarely smiles or laughs

Predominantly unhappy and grumpy

Still has startle reflex, startles easily

Does not make eye contact often

Does not appear to crave physical or social contact but doesn't like being alone.

Sensitive to cool temperatures

Wolf Parkinson White Syndrome (heart)

Severe growth delay (short stature)

Drooping eye lid on left side when tired

Child's Name:    Craig

Birth Date:    May 8, 1973

Parent's Names:    Dave & Denise

Sibling's Name:     Daniel

Reside:    Berri South Australia

Diagnosed:   Both Craig & Daniel were diagnosed May 2011


*Intellectual disability


*Autistic tendencies (spinning toy wheels, handkerchiefs, etc.)


*Prone to severe pneumonia

*Limited speech

Other information:

*Brother, Daniel, was born on February 2, 1975.  He has similar issues except respiratory disease.


Name:    Daniel

Birth Date:    February 2, 1975

Parents:     Denise & Dave

Siblings:     Craig

Reside:    Berri, South Australia

Diagnosed:    Mid-2011


*Breech Birth, seizures within 24 hours of birth.

*Slow developing, diagnosed as "Intellectually Disabled."

*Did not walk until he was 3 years old.

*Unusual gait, but active.

*Diagnosed as Cerebral Palsy as a toddler and later as Epileptic.

*Unable to toliet train, still wear incontinence aids.

*Is now wheelchair bound and having "Vague-out" seizures.

Other Information:

*Craig, his brother, is also having more seizures including Grand Mal seizures, as many as eight in one day.  His brother also requires a wheelchair when outside and assistance to walk inside.  Both need 24 hour care.


Name:  Elijah

Birth Date:  5/20/2006

Parents:  Liam and Allison

Siblings:  Asher Jet 9/27/07

Other affected family members:  Asher Jet

Reside:  Belmont, NSW, Australia

Diagnosed:  Sadly was only diagnosed after he suddenly passed away in 2008 at the age of 21 months


He sat independently at around 17months

Just starting to crawl backwards at 20 months

He didn’t walk,but liked to stand supported

Was able to hold his own bottle and 'help' feed himself with a spoon and fork

Said his first word 'Wow' at 5 months but lost that word shortly after


Elijah had severe aggravated reflux as a baby (which he grew out of at around 12mths)

He had no suck reflex at birth resulting in a long stay in NICU and tube feeds of ebm and formula top ups

Several allergies to wheat, gluten, egg, nuts


Constipation which became severe as he grew older

Would learn words and then lose them at around 2 weeks later, and then would relearn them- would keep mama, dad and nana though :)

Had some mild dysmorphic features

Elijah attended early intervention playgroup weekly

Elijah had weekly and then fortnightly physiotherapy sessions and was also in the process of attaining speech therapy and occupational therapy

Elijah also had some arm and leg flapping and other autistic 'traits' but never completely fitted the autistic mold as although he loved linear patterns he was very social, and chose to make eye contact with those that he wanted to:)

He also was a very happy boy, laughing lots:) He LOVED books, especially 'Where Is The Green Sheep' we read it several times a day and neither of us ever got sick of it!

Bubbles were his next favorite thing along with bath time!

Elijah loved his flat ted and flannel, and feeling textures, especially the screen door.

He also loved- food and pear, mango, banana and binkies were his favorites

Child’s Name:  Kai

Birth Date:   May 31, 2010

Parents:   Caitlan and Michael

Siblings:   None

Other Affected Family Members:   It is now believed that Caitlan’s brother Matthew (passed 1985, age 6) and uncle (passed early 1970’s, age 12) were both effected males, although it can never be officially proven.  They both suffered similar symptoms to Kai and both died from respiratory complications.

Reside:   Canberra, Australia

Diagnosed:   February 2012


*Started rolling – 6 months

*Sat independently (although he had to be put into the sitting position) – 10 months

*Started commando crawling/pulling himself on his tummy with his arms – 17/18 months

*Began transitioning from lying flat, to sitting, to kneeling, to pulling to stand on the couch and cruising himself around the furniture.  Also crawling on hands and knees – 28 months

Other Information:

*Feeding wise, Kai is still on baby bottles and thickened fluids, as well as mashed food consistency.

*Language wise, Kai has said things and used them for a period of time but he then loses the words or just doesn’t use them again.

*Had over 15 admissions to Canberra Hospital for various illnesses, but mostly for pneumonia and respiratory problems.  With the help of a good team of doctors and specialists since the official diagnosis, Kai has been much better looked after and has suffered a lot less illness



Child’s Name:    Kevin Anthony


Birth Date:    September 29, 1979


Parent’s Names:    David and Yvonne


Siblings:    Aaron, Catherine, Teresa and Kirsty


Other Affected Family Members:    Travis – Nephew


Reside:    Berrigan NSW


Diagnosed:    October 1, 2008



*Sitting – 12 months

*Crawling – 18 months

*Walking – 2 ½ years

*Feeding himself – 5 years


Other Information:

*Kevin used to twirl socks and tea towels when he was young.

*Loves his food and would eat heaps.  Has cut back the last few years but still eats lots when put in front of him.

*Kevin suffers from drop seizures and absent seizures.

*He now goes in a wheelchair when going out shopping because of his seizures but walks around the house when at home.

*Kevin lives in a group home through the week and goes to a Sheltered Workshop in Deniliquin.  He comes home on the weekends.

*He loves to watch cricket on TV and listen to music.

*He is prone to bladder infections but is otherwise healthy.

*Kevin is non-verbal but lets people know what he needs or wants.


Name:   Massimo

Birth Date:   October 24, 2005

Parents:   Tracey and Mark

Siblings:   Luca and Thomas

Other Affected Family Members:   Thomas

Reside:   Australia

Date Diagnosed:   June 2013






Name: Travis

Birth Date:  7/14/2002

Parents:  Greg and Teresa

Siblings:  Monique (8 years old)

Other affected family members: Uncle (29 years old)

Reside: Thornton, NSW, Australia

Diagnosed:  November 2008


Sat up 18 months

Crawled 24 months

Walked one week after his 4th birthday.


Travis is a very happy loving 6 year old

He smiles & laughs lots & loves being with others

He can be very stubborn when he doesn't want to do something, like we all can, haha

He loves watching television, playing with any papers especially junk mail

He loves music (not too loud) & lights

He could spend hours in the bath as he loves water

He loves his food & we mean all food he doesn't know when to stop

He loves any toys that spin or have wheels

He loves cuddles, tickles & a bit of rough housing

He is a very good sleeper, probably too good!!!

He really dislikes loud noises especially the garbage truck. It really distresses him.

He doesn't speak but he does have a few words that he rarely uses.

He says MORE when he should, when he wants more food, ha ha

He appears to have a very good understanding of almost everything we tell him.

We have been using basic signing with him, he can sometimes sign More & finished, we use PECS when we can.

He has a bit of hand flapping especially when he gets excited, kicks arms & legs when excited also.

He drools a fair bit.

He puts everything in his mouth, EVERYTHING, he has choked several times usually requiring an ambulance & a trip to the hospital.

Travis has spent a lot of time in & out of hospital with chest infections & Pneumonia. Travis has severe constipation.

He has suspected asthma & absent seizures.

We still feed him but working on using a fork/spoon, slow progress but progress never the less, he eats finger foods good, we avoid hard foods, e.g. Raw apple, carrot, chunky pieces of steak.

He is drinking from sippy style cups or from a straw.

We changed Travis to soy products to see if this made a difference on his coughing fits & flemmy buildup while drinking cows milk or having milk in his breakfast, this seemed to work for him, if he has cows milk as a one off he becomes very congested & gets a choking cough & very red in the face, he ends up needing to stay at home for a day sometimes 2 .

Travis has Hyptonia (low Muscle tone).

Travis' Uncle Kevin is 29 years old & has only just been diagnosed as well

Travis just started kindergarten this year (2008) he is in a support class in a regular school which he really loves

He gets the special transport bus to & from school for the last 6 months which he really enjoys

We have been told Travis has the smallest duplication yet to be recorded.

Child's Name:    William

Birth Date:    December 11, 2005

Parents:     Victoria and James

Siblings:     Zara and Felix

Reside:     New Zealand

Date Diagnosed:     November 2011

Milestones:    Crawling, standing supported, finger feeding

Other Information:     Also has cortical vision impairment