Oisin (Ireland)

Child's Name:    Oisin

Birth Date:    April 3, 1996

Parent's Name:    Lynn

Siblings:    Emma, Craig, Darren

Other Affected Family Members:    Brother Darren

Reside:    Ireland

Date Diagnosed:    1996


*Walked - 4 years old

*Said some words

*Turned on tapes, opened doors, turned on lights, rattled door handle to get attention

*Developed epilepsy - 11 years old

*Turned on TV, could feed himself with his hands, and loved to take others food when they were not looking

Other Information:

*Oisin had scoliosis but due to an operation to put a peg in, Oisin never got to have his operation to straighten his spine and, unfortunately, Oisin lost his life on March 2, 2012, but he has left so many special memories and is missed so much.