Aiden (Indiana, USA)

Name:   Aiden Blane

Birth Date:   December 2010

Parent's Name:    Carla ~ Maternal Grandmother with full guardianship

Siblings:    None

Other Affected Family Members:    None

Reside:   Indiana

Date Diagnosed:   March 2012


*Rolled over - 4 months

*Held own bottle - 6 months

*Up on knees rocking - 9 months

*Crawling - 12 months

*Pulled up to furniture - 15 months

Other Information:

*Aiden is a happy boy.  Loves music and cartoons.  He is always smiling.  If it weren't for not talking and walking, you would never know that he has MECP2.

*He currently sees a number of specialists and is starting therapy.

*He takes Miralax daily for chronic constipation.