Alexander (England)

Name:    Alexander Peter

Birth Date:    July 26, 1993

Parents:    Venessa & Peter

Siblings:    Rebecca, Emily - Cassie & Emma (Half Sisters)

Other Affected Family Members:    James Lloyd (Half Brother) Born July 17, 1979

Reside:    West Sussex, England

Diagnosed:    2007


*Alex can sit by himself and drink from a spouted beaker.

*He can weight bear when well.

*When well he can put spoon to mouth and feed himself.

*Enjoys hugs with family members and close friends.

Other Information:

*Has three different types of seizures - Tonic Clonic, Drops and Absences.

*Fed via a gastro tube.

*Poor circulation, has enlarged liver.

*Has had internal bleeding, chest infections, pneumonia, collapsed lung.

*Has hip dysplasia, curvature of the spine, arthritis, poor muscle tone