Levon Henry (California, USA)

Child's Name:    Levon Henry

Birth Date:    August 15, 2009

Parents:    Joseph & Dyna

Siblings:   Maceo Matther (TWIN)

Other Affected Family Members:    n/a

Reside:    California

Date Diagnosed:   February 28, 2012


*Levon has always been considered to have global delays and hypotonia so he has just developed at a much different pace than his twin, Maceo.

*Crawled on his own at 13 months.

*He is not yet walking.

*He is now able to feed himself almost all foods but does have to be monitored.

Other Information:

*Levon currently has, through GGRC:  OT & PT twice a week, one in home session with an EI "Early Intervention" Teacher and also one weekly session with a speech therapist who specializes in feeding.