Kaitlyn (Kansas, USA)

Name:    Kaitlyn

Birth Date:    January 2011

Parents:    Kim & Dusty  -- I like my mom okay.  She takes me to my doctors appointments and all but I'm definitely a daddy's girl.  :)  He's the bee's knees.

Siblings:    8 year old sister   I think she walks on water -- whenever she slows down long enough to give me attention

Reside:    Kansas

Date Diagnosed:    December 2011 (11 months old)

Other Affected Family Members:    My mom has the same duplication but has none of the symptoms.

Milestones:   At 6 months, I had a swallow study done and was diagnosed with GERD.  I couldn't pass any of the hearing tests so at 11 months I had hearing tubes put in and am able to hear much better.  After I got them I was able to start saying things like da-da-da.  I am getting a feeding tube put in and having fundoplication surgery.  My mom will let you know how I like it.  I am not able to sit up or crawl yet but I am working really hard at home and at therapy.  Even with all that is going on I am a very happy little girl.

Other Information:   My symptoms include developmental delays -- I am not able to sit, crawl, or walk.  I have GERD and take medicine but I still get lots of tummy aches.  I have hypotonia (muscle weakness), especially in my back muscles.  I use my hands and feet when I want but mostly my mom calls me a 'wet noodle.'