Meghan (Maryland, USA)

Name:    Meghan

Birth Date:    April 4, 2011

Sibling:    Ashleigh

Other Affected Family Members:    None

Reside:   Maryland

Date Diagnosed:    September 6, 2011


*Holding head up well - 5 months old

Other Information:

*Meghan was admitted to Johns Hopkins Hospital in July 2011 for "failure to thrive."  Many tests later, they discovered that she had nodules on the ventricles of her brain, mild laryngomalacia, hypotonia, and obstructive sleep apnea.

*She now feeds through an NG Tube and is on O2 when asleep or unattended.

*Meghan's duplication translocated to her #13 chromosome so she doesn't have a chance of the X inactivation that most girls would have.

*Meghan began sitting up unassisted at 18 months.