Phillipp (Germany)

Child's name:
Birth date:
October 5, 2000
Parent's names:
Linda and Timo
Sibling's Name:
Other affected family members:
Date diagnosed:
Phillipp was a quite a normal boy for his first 4 years. He was walking at 18 months and learned to ride the bicycle at 5 years.

August 10, 2000
Phillipp is 3 days old  and at the Hospital at the University where he had to be hospitalized. It has brought an infection in the mother's womb.
The doctors have sent me to human genetics in Giesen.
The doctors of Humangenetikt said that Phillipp could have Nonen Syndrome.

Phillipp is 1 1/2 years old and learning to run but has a
In between time are we (Ostfriesland) moved back to Lower Saxony, Germany.  Now Phillipp must go to Oldenburg in the clinic to investigate why his cry is still too soft. Here we met a physician who said it was not Nonen Syndrome.

Phillipp now wears glasses.

September 2003
Phillipp enters the Heilpedagogischen kindergarten.

February 1, 2004
His sister, Samantah, is born.

Samantah is 10 months now and running.

Phillipp is very ill with pneumonia and asthma.
He is hospitalized a lot.

And Phillipp changed. He is no longer the love boy, he is now aggressive.

May 20, 2005
Phillipp learns to ride the bicycle. We are very proud of him.

We again move to offer Phillipp a better school.

He learns writing, mathematics, and reading but he is still very ill....up to 5-6 times in hospital.

Phillipp defecates again, once again wearing diapers.

We received a notification from Bremen of human genetics that Phillipp has MECP2 Duplication Syndrome.

Examined for ADHD but does not have it.

Phillipp is psychologically evaluated to find out why he needs a diaper again.

July 2009
We drag Phillipp ashore.

1 year without hospitalization for pneumonia and asthma.
Phillipp is less aggressive, it as changed.